Online marketing to the nternet to a small earthquake

see the topic, one might ask: what is the online marketing? Is not like Shi Yuzhu network hype, will his online promotion out of a marketing approach or strategy? Online marketing is a new marketing method proposed by the author, but still no general businesses and individuals to try.

I believe that China is now the network has developed to a certain stage, the number of Internet users has leapt to the world, with up to 200 million Internet users. The author also analyzed that, in China’s Internet market, it is generally composed of people in the age of 15 to the age of 35, at least in this age group should account for more than 95% of the total number of people. And engaged in online games (I have to mention online games, online games is the existence of so many people on the Internet is a necessary condition) of the basic distribution of people in the 15 year old ~30. According to preliminary estimates, in this population, 50% of people are simply to play games, the Internet is just a game tool for them. The crowd will be the next two to three years to become the main network marketing development. Detailed analysis of the information please see Zhang Yunfeng: from the boycott Carrefour to see the spread of the network, this article.

we now have the following types of network marketing:

blog marketing: use blog to promote enterprise or product promotion

e-book marketing: the form of e-books, the promotion of enterprise website or product

search engine marketing: now more popular SEO

viral marketing:

has long been out of the way of marketing

E-mail marketing: this approach should be the need for a long time, but many consumers should be too much spam and distressed. There are many, I do not enumerate one by one.

these marketing methods each have their own characteristics, have become fashionable for a time in network marketing. After all, any kind of marketing has its characteristics of the Internet era, online marketing is no exception. It has been analyzed, the number of people exposed to online games accounted for about half of the total number of Internet users, and the number is rising. This half of the people, representatives of the young, passionate, has great ability to buy, we can consider this, in less than 30% of the Internet population conditions, gave birth to the Alibaba, let it become the world’s sales platform; the visible online population contains great business opportunities!

before I write this article in question, after all, there is no one online marketing plan perfectly, write like this will not let others sniff at? However, I thought, since no one is doing it, visible market potential is great, this is a never met have meat and potatoes, who can break the barriers to online games, who will become the next


I also carefully studied some of the relevant information, it was for Tencent

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