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medical e-commerce has been a concern, but for the general public, it seems a bit strange and fresh. Due to the special nature of the pharmaceutical industry, the strict supervision of the high threshold, after the general e-commerce platform needs at least Internet drug information service qualification certificate of Internet and drug transaction service certificate, to be able to carry out B2B, B2C or the third party e-commerce platform for online transactions.

why slow development of pharmaceutical electricity supplier


strict supervision, high threshold, pharmaceutical companies access to online drug trading license, is not an easy thing.

online drug trading qualification certificate, classification restrictions are more stringent. Take the Internet drug transaction service qualification certificate, CFDA (State Food and Drug Administration) to develop a unified audit acceptance criteria, will be divided into A, B, C three, valid for 5 years. And in this period, the website revision, domain name change or server IP address replacement, etc., all need to advance to the CFDA and food and drug administration at all levels.

below is the introduction of the classification of Internet drug transaction service qualification (real-time data from the official website of CFDA)

A card

for the State Bureau for approval, the country has 10;

services: third party trading platform (for drug manufacturers, drug companies and medical institutions to provide Internet drug transaction services)

features: trading service platform, can only be used as pharmaceutical production enterprises, pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions between the platform service providers, not to provide personal drug sales services.

B card

approval by the local bureau, the national 58;

service mode: drug transaction with other enterprises (drug manufacturers, drug wholesale enterprises through their own web site and other members of the enterprise outside the company’s Internet drug transactions)

features: belong to their own production or business enterprises to other enterprises wholesale trading certificate.

C card

approval by the local bureau, the national 152;

services: to provide consumers with drugs;

features: can only sell non prescription drugs.

In addition to

, pharmaceutical companies to obtain the relevant qualification certificates, require a longer audit period. For example, Internet drug transaction service qualification certificate A (hereinafter referred to as A), from the application to the audit cycle may require 1-3 years. In addition, may also encounter some special factors such as policy adjustments, 2010-2012 during the period CFDA stopped the acceptance of the country’s A audit. As a result, some pharmaceutical companies in A, the country of application in 2009, may have to wait until 2013

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