Shocked 51 T168 domain name resolution problems

January 5th news, yesterday’s blog bus,, IT168 has been banned because of domain analysis and can not visit. As of press time, the blog bus has returned to normal, still can not visit but has released the announcement, there is no news IT168.


blog bus yesterday afternoon issued a notice announcement in its IM system

relevant departments in the domain name registrar IT168 new web site to query the situation of, the answer is received by the competent authorities to inform the domain name lock.


query the results of the IT168 domain name in the new web site

it is understood that yesterday afternoon, the user has found that IT168 and can not be accessed to a large number of users around 16:30 to discuss the matter and IM communication through the forum to know the matter, and the media to follow up. New network sources said that at present only received a notice, and no further information, it is not clear the specific domain name recovery time. The is said to be communication problem, and said that this situation has a precedent in 2005, is working to solve.

personal point of view: in fact, we used 51 know, first stop the chain, and then the domain name can not resolve the problem. If it had not announced to stop the chain today so there may be a bigger problem, it seems that 51 will exit the stage of history. We don’t blame the 51, but it is also very difficult to very difficult, unable to compete with the Tencent, in turn with the competition, but the money is not enough, so then turned to foreign chain user fees, picture storage space for a fee plus a domain name to visit it to tens of thousands of flow decline ah! The next DNS success is a mystery, until I write posted so far, still unable to access the 51IT168 blog bus.

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