Google return to China The key is to see the stone boss

Google, executive chairman of the board of directors of Eric and China, made a speech in Wukesong, again expressed Chinese market attention, and then he was gone, or 404 Google. Let’s make these Google fans excited again.

Google returned to the Chinese voice transmission raise a Babel of criticism of more than a year, has no substantive progress. About Google return to China may bring a variety of positive, will face various challenges are analyzed and interpreted. One after another, and eggs, said so much, Google still not back.

Google looking at the current situation in the China, failed to return, we can put more hope on the current president of Greater China Stone Bo League body, hope London British buddy can bring a new dawn for Google Chinese.

as a Google iron, I want to give Bo Shi Meng mention four suggestions.

1, to return to the Chinese landing, actually Shi Bo League best

since 2010, Eric at least 5 times to China, every time in public preaching Google innovation, emphasis on Chinese market attention, but also private communication with relevant departments, but in 5 years, did not see any real progress.


communicate with the relevant departments of the things, Shi Bo League should have more space to play. If the pace of return smoothly, but also the most favorable of Shi Bo League, Google China whether in business or other areas will be reborn.

is the most important, is the president of Google Greater China’s position on the role of Shi Bo League is the most suitable to operate all kinds of actual things, including with the competent departments at all levels of communication.

2, progressive strategy is expected to push back the pace of

outside has been rumored, Google Play will be introduced into China through the custom version. Now it seems that these rumors have been positive feedback from users, the parties also believe that this kind of gradual action, can accelerate the return of Google.

looks like such a gradual approach would be a good idea. Shi Bo League also can find new opportunities in the communication with the relevant departments after consultation with headquarters can break through the way.

if Google China can not make a decision, you can feedback to headquarters, the people, policies, funds. I believe that if Google’s willingness to return to China is strong enough to always find a breakthrough and opportunity.

Shi Bo League you can get caught,



is very important to the local team an old hand is a good guide.

to really implement the return of Google, employing is very important. In recent years, Chen Jianhao, vice president of sales of large customers, the general manager of Greater China platform solutions, such as Guo Zhiming

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