WeChat pulled 10 million 70 thousand jobs in 2014

Chinese on information economics society before the release of the "WeChat social and Economic Influence Research Report" shows, WeChat in 2014 for information consumption reached 95 billion 200 million, stimulating employment reached 10 million 70 thousand people, provides a good platform for small and micro enterprises and the application of the livelihood of the government innovation.

"WeChat social and Economic Impact Research Report" for the first time in the social and economic value of WeChat conducted a qualitative and quantitative analysis. The report said that WeChat has led directly to the scale of information consumption has reached 95 billion 200 million yuan, equivalent to the total size of China’s information consumption in 2013 of $4.24%. The consumption data flow is the main source of WeChat drive information consumption, information consumption accounted for WeChat in the proportion of 85.7%; followed by WeChat games and public platform, promote information consumption accounted for about 8.5%. Although WeChat’s commercial exploration has just started, but the scale of the direct consumption of residents living expenses WeChat has reached 11 billion yuan. It is noteworthy that the direct consumption of the consumer spending has been driven by the WeChat public platform model has reached 4 billion 400 million yuan, becoming a new driving point of consumption. The future of this area will also have a wider range of expansion and drive efficiency reflected.

WeChat widely used to promote the user’s consumption of data traffic, and gradually become the engine of growth in mobile data consumption. According to the report survey estimates, nearly a year of data flow driven by WeChat reached 86 billion 700 million yuan, pulling the growth rate of the data flow of the three operators 20%-25%. Investigators said that the use of WeChat accounted for most of the time the use of smart phones, in addition to social communication, news entertainment information acquisition, forwarding, jump mostly generated on the WeChat platform.

WeChat has become an important channel for SME information. WeChat public platform account of the company or the use of the proportion of institutions has reached 70%, of which, there are already 53% of users based on the WeChat platform for information input. WeChat has also become an important business incubator platform, currently driven by WeChat’s individual entrepreneurial activity has more than 600 thousand. WeChat’s significant role in stimulating social employment. Currently, the number of jobs driven by WeChat up to 10 million 70 thousand people. Reporter Wang Xiaoqing

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