Talk about the pictures for the record the record information authenticity verification policy

in mid May, Nanjing return, my Q signature is changed to "record pictures entered a substantive stage of execution!", a lot of friends in to see my signature after have to ask is not really going to do, my answer is yes, but also some personal views to share the record in Shimonoseki take pictures, for reference (hopefully not attracted bursts of slobber).

when the Ministry of filing verification of the authenticity of the trial when the notification issued under the industry peers in the discussion and prediction of the implementation of program implementation feasibility, even people’s Congress proposed an alternative bill, a webmaster Tongren. There are also a lot of Internet bigwigs who boldly to predict how the policy and so on, and now, we have come to the results: the implementation of


we put aside the "camera" itself to interpret the policy, the main camera is actually not important, is the "true" record information, the national standard of Internet market order, restriction on staff behavior, in order to protect the health of the Internet industry to go to the party is beyond all doubt, believe that many webmaster will support, only in the operation process, methods so that we can not accept it, but then again for ISP jierushang, did not say no? "Nine words for the record information authenticity verification" short, according to who who is responsible for access, access provider a lot of information verification work.

The process of

policy in talking about taking pictures for the record, I think we should answer 2 questions, one is the necessity of the verification in? Two is how to record information pertaining to


why the authenticity and accuracy verification record information, the website opened the main information is true, accurate, convenient management of the supervision department, it is the real name, set up a website, the website once the illegal information, can in a short time to find the site opened, namely the implementation of the who do network, whose network". Would like to ask 2 questions: 1, you run the regular site, the correct operation of the site, what are you afraid of? These policies are you do website obstacle? Record information 2, before you submit, how many people are there in the information is completely valid


from ISP access providers in the understanding of the situation, basically every record in the library for true and effective information to not even 30%, before the false record information or record information is not accurate, the fundamental to the actual meaning did not regulation, before the record is the record type real, which is to "the record" business is so good, because as long as the information submitted, on the surface have to OK, basically "record" information is false, this record has no value. When the "camera" appeared, the door to take pictures, take all valid documents, check the record submitted information, on-site verification of face to face, so as to ensure the record information is true and valid, of course if people want to have to wrangle with fake ID, said, I Speechless, because we are not the Public Security Bureau, unable to discern but around the authenticity, tongguanju already and the public security network, all submitted.

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