On the operation of tourism website


website has been operating for more than a month, it is for us to let the 28 experienced groundless talk, travel into the right path. Looking back more than a month of operations, I talk about personal views on the operation of tourism sites:

1 I always think that the site is a kind of media, it is the main function of publicity, and now the Web2.0 is its further extension, put forward the "interaction", which is a manifestation of the advanced network;

2 the tourism industry belongs to the service industry, its products are not practical, is a kind of invisible can make people cheerful mood, enhance the status and personal image, but the product value of the experience is more important to the evaluation of others caused by psychological and physiological tourists satisfaction, this feeling only can result in communication;

The development of

3 in China’s tourism industry is basically IT information and booking two, these two kinds of profit model to mature, but the majority of products is still based on the 1, it is difficult to interact with visitors, this phenomenon has exposed many shortcomings such as the customer’s needs, it is difficult to locate to produce scale benefit


4 design, tourism products and sales experience is not a rational sensibility, that is to say we are impulsive and understanding of fashion and leisure in the purchase of the product, it needs to design our products better to the tourists can travel community interaction, in order to lower the cost of realizing structure product design, can better meet the needs of tourists;

5 took 28 reviews network (www.28ct.cn), its fundamental purpose is to establish a "tourism exchange platform for tourists, academic, three-in-one enterprises", which is the tourist enterprise of God, is the product of the consumer is the real product designers and experience; and the enterprise is the real product operators provide academic technical support for product design.

The following

on the three characters and the relationship between the following:

1 Why is it that the tourist is the God of the enterprise, the consumer of the product and the designer of the product?. The most important in the whole tourism product design process is conceived, in today’s consumer demand as the center of the enterprise operation mechanism, enterprise’s products can be sold out, the answer comes from consumers, more precisely from the consumer’s understanding of fashion leisure preferences, and tourism products. The design of any product is derived from the survey of consumers, tourism enterprises only consumer demand in the form of tourism products to show it.

2 provides technical support for tourism products. The cultivation of talents from the school, saying the theory guiding practice, through the study of basic theory of knowledge in school, regardless of their quality or practitioners of practitioners of technical level are improved, the product design is more scientific, better experience, design investigation science questionnaire to get scientific conclusions, the knowledge structure and the psychology Study on

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