Fang Wei was the first round of financing tips leading interactive marketing is the key

days ago, innovation capital and Fangwei Industrial Science and technology to achieve cooperation, and finally in July 2016 success in hand. It is reported that Societe Generale capital will be the first round of strategic investment in the other side of the technology, and this month announced a formal injection of information into the square technology.

said Societe Generale capital, insiders may not be unfamiliar. Societe Generale innovation capital is a subsidiary of Societe Generale Securities’s well-known equity investment business platform, the current management scale of nearly 5 billion yuan.

company by virtue of its excellent investment performance, once ranked Zero2IPO group "2015 China local top 50 private equity investment institutions", is in 2013-2015 years for three consecutive years ranked ChinaVenture investment group "best broker direct investment TOP 10". Earlier investment Ding Han technology, Chenguang stationery, Fuchun communications, Zhong Sheng, Baidu video Hengshun etc..

Societe Generale innovation capital for Fang Wei burst light for what?

in the outside world, the capital of Societe Generale dished out an olive branch, is a strategy for the overall layout of the capital industry to the internet. Societe Generale capital into the capital side, with a new capital + Internet technology in the form of a new era of Capital Internet integration of ecological environment, conform to the trend of the development of the Internet industry.

Fang Wei technology has been driven by technology driven business innovation, is a provider of Internet innovation model and technical service solutions. It is reported that this investment, Societe Generale capital fancy not just in the field of more than 10 years of experience in the industry, professional technical strength, the most important thing is to walk in the forefront of the Internet era product direction. According to Societe Generale capital side revealed that the most attractive to them is Fang Weiniu interactive – interactive marketing platform.

interactive marketing platform there are many, but the establishment of interactive marketing based on the SaaS platform, which is the selling point square. Investors said that the enterprise class SaaS services market has great potential, especially on the basis of the establishment of interactive marketing platform, truly for the enterprise to achieve a more efficient, convenient, low-cost interactive marketing. With WeChat’s "weak link" so that it can be applied to many more. Walking in the forefront of interactive marketing system is also the square has been to our impression, we are optimistic about the future development of the square in this market. "

marriage on both sides of the future strategy are more favorable

Societe Generale capital and both sides have high expectations for this cooperation. The injection of capital, in addition to providing more development power, the company developed a new stage for the party, for investors, Fang Wei in the Internet industry for 8 years + professional precipitation and core technology, will also be integrated into the Internet gene for more rapid development of the Internet, in the blue ocean another one to the capital as a platform to the Internet as a dependency, that the creation of customer value oriented "path.

Societe Generale capital and technology cooperation, not the capital and Internet companies embrace the first case, the future capital of each other

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