Music marketing brand inspiration money home money brainwashed divine comedy

every hot events, always blow out a bunch of scripts or banter, or ridicule, the concise and comprehensive reflects the thinking behind the incident is offbeat. Recently we have experienced the most phenomenal is undoubtedly the hot spring festival, each big brand is mustering the strength of my circle of friends is Liuxiaolingtong brush screen. Feelings of visual impact at the same time, the hearing is indispensable, this is not a phenomenon of "money money home" brainwashed Divine Comedy provides a gluttonous feast for us.


a lot of friends to come from the deep grilled divine comedy which major music companies, but not do not know, check jump, making such a sophisticated oratorio had come from a company called Jiu rich financial company, the song will be red, Wukong, wealth concept of integration, is the incarnation of the nine rich financial Wukong? The brand with the really amazing hot like nature itself. Wood net special interview nine rich team, brand secret revelation of brainwashed Divine Comedy "money money home" brainwashed divine comedy book.

virus marketing: the hottest potential into the heart of the most soft

for three days without a break to The tune lingered in the room., and the appropriate compatibility. From the rhythm of the treatment, concise and lively and repeated to make it has a strong brainwashing characteristics. The perfect combination appears in the lyrics of the girlfriend, grab a red envelope, the male god goddess and the annual hot words and good fortune, good health and longevity and monkey monkey image pay New Year’s call image make it fully has a first basic quality needs to pay New Year’s call divine spread, "money money home" crazy spread like a virus there have been a reasonable explanation.

first of all, music marketing should let the music become the symbol of the brand carrier. A brand to do music marketing, should not only conform to the characteristics of the brand elements, but also to seize the young people concerned, nine rich team produced "money money home" with the popular IP Spring Festival suddenly swept up.

followed by resonance. Why can the music become a marketing tool? American advertising theory expert T.Schwartz century 70s proposed "resonance model" tells us: the successful advertisement always resonate with consumers, arouse and inspire consumers deep memories, to forget the feelings. The same is true of successful music marketing. We can regard the resonance as the principle of music marketing. That is full of emotions and create music scene, atmosphere and consumer emotions, memories, a yearning to butt, causing emotional turmoil (agreement), the consumer into the mood, scene or atmosphere, thus forming a unique impression of the brand. Nine rich team produced "money money home" is well versed in this.

music marketing can also be interpreted from the perspective of brand association. Consumers hear something

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