Silicon Valley investors and the media questioned startups counterattack against each other

[Abstract] the starting point for investors and media reporters to start a new company is different, controversial or not a bad thing.

BI Chinese station on October 19th reported

no one likes to be questioned.

finally, some of Silicon Valley’s leading technology industry investors began to media reporters questioned some of Silicon Valley’s hottest start-up companies feel annoyed.

media and startup founder of the latest hostility occurred on Thursday, when the "Wall Street journal" on the popular medical technology company Theranos questioned. The company’s founder and CEO Elizabeth · (Elizabeth Holmes) soon questioned the media launched a counterattack.

but some venture capitalists seem to be very annoyed by the media. Greylock partner Josh · Elman (Josh Elman) has published Twitter news, "the Wall Street journal" reported that "is probably nonsense." But Aierman later Twitter said in his message, and the "Wall Street journal" reporter Christopher · Mimms (Christopher Mims) were heated debate, what in fact the disputed problem didn’t know.

Elman is not the only risk investor involved in the turmoil. Just raised $700 million of funds, ready to get involved in the last round of start-up investment business startup incubator Y Combinator founder Sam · Ertmann (Sam Altman) on the criticism that someone fan the flames in the Theranos problems.

but BI believes that the media did not have prejudice on the Theranos issue. On the contrary, many people began to seriously consider the issue raised by the Wall Street journal. As the two winner of the Pulitzer prize, the Theranos storm events reporter John · (John Carreyrou); especially Cary also pushed to the cusp of wind waves. But BI chose to support the Cary especially, trust him as much as possible to uncover the facts and tell people the truth.

media reporters and venture capital of the recent differences in the concept of the world is becoming more and more obvious.

last month, venture capitalist Vinod Khosla · (Vinod Khosla) and editor Jon · Hilbert (Jon Shieber) occurred in the friction Technology Forum TechCrunch Disrupt. Silber in the interview at the time of the Khosla Ventures investment in food startups Hampton Creek questioned. BI and technology blog TechCrunch had previously published articles on the company’s science and Lun

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