ReadIt Wand

first_imgThe ReadIt Wand is a lightweight, portable USB camera that allows your laptop or PC to transform into a magnification system in mere seconds!  All you have to do is follow a few simple steps. First, connect the ReadIt Wand into your computer, then place your print materials directly under the camera, and finally press the Enter button on the keyboard. It’s that easy! The text will then be read aloud in your selected color, formatting, and size.This device was designed for any computer user who has a visual impairment. It provides immediate and precise access to electronic or printed documents such as receipts, bank statements, letters, books, labeling on packages and a plethora of others.The ReadIt Wand provides an easy to use positioning guide. This makes it effortless to properly align your selected reading materials into place for exact capturing. This device can be used in your home, at work, or even at school.  With its user-friendly setting, the ReadIt Wand is a wonderful tool for people with visual impairments.ReadIt Wand uses state of the art technology to help perfectly view and capture documents ranging from .2X to 80X magnification. The ReadIt Wand provides this in any of the 6 customizable visualization features. The six customizable features are: image view, overlay view, column view, horizontal view, vertical view, and word view.Image View: The setting maintains the original formatting of the document you are magnifying. Also, this setting is perfect for viewing non-electronic documents, such as handwritten documents. All you have to do is double click on the document in your desired position and it will start reading.Overlay View: This setting allows users to maintain the layout and color image of their desired document while enhancing the visual of the text.  By clicking on a word, ReadIt begins reading the document to you from the selected location.Column View: This setting presents customization of the number of words per column line based upon the size of your screen and the exact magnification level. The ReadIt will read the text from line to line down the column as you read continuously. This is similar to how a teleprompter would function.Horizontal View: This setting presents the entirety of the document’s text in one continuous row. This helps to reduce any visual interference that can happen because of multiple lines. The text will continue across the screen automatically.Vertical View: This setting displays one word on each line in a continuous column. This feature is perfect for users with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) or users with eye conditions that affect their peripheral vision. The user can also select their preferred speech rate.Word View: The word view setting presents all of the text from your document one single word at a time. This setting is perfect for people with learning disabilities and users who are in the infancy stages of learning to read.Due to new innovative text formatting and enhanced visualization settings, this device is making reading with a traditional CCTV old school!Share this…TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedInEmailPrint RelatedQiCare Page Turner with Table Stand & Two-Way Foot SwitchJuly 31, 2013In “Products and Devices”QiCare Page Turner with Table Stand & Two-Way Foot SwitchJuly 31, 2013In “Products and Devices”Amazon Dash Wand with AlexaNovember 2, 2017In “Products and Devices”last_img

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