Immigration fear could seriously impact travel industry

first_imgIn the wake of new policies being implemented by the Donald Trump administration, officials within the airline industry have been taking a wait and see approach on the possible impact on the sector.According to Kaye Chong, the South Florida representative of the Trinidad and Tobago based Caribbean Airlines (CAL), the carrier is still monitoring the situation and compiling the relevant data.“I think people are waiting to see how the new immigration policies unfold before deciding to fly to America from the Caribbean, while some people are weary of leaving the US.”Chong added that some travel agencies have stated that reservations with CAL have declined, while an agent in Jamaica indicated that February could be one of the worst months for reservations.Linda Sasso, a Miami travel broker, said the negative impact of immigration concerns are a ”two way thing” adding that since the start of February , several bookings have been cancelled.“Most of the cancellations are by green-card holders, who fear being unable to reenter the country from trips overseas.” She made reference to a man who booked a family cruise to the Caribbean but cancelled the reservation as he was arrested last week for a serious traffic violation, and fears being denied entry on his returns.In addition to CAL, representatives of Jet Blue and American Airlines are also monitoring the situation, however they too believe that it is too early to determine if there has been a significant decline in reservations.“If these immigration policies are as tough as speculated, they’ll have a negative impact on airline and cruise travel to and from the Caribbean. Nobody wants to be denied entry on arriving at a US port,” Sasso noted.Travelers are also concerned about their encounter with immigration officials at the airport. This was highlighted by Mycal Trott of West Kendall, who  in an interview with the National Weekly  said a relative coming in from Trinidad and Tobago  was “detained and grilled for almost an hour at the Fort Lauderdale Airport. “He is an Indo-Trinidadian businessman who has been traveling back and forth between Trinidad and the USA for several years, but was never detained for questioning before. Now he is sceptical of traveling to the US. This will affect the business he operates in Trinidad,” he said.However, a Miami a customs officer, Phillip Solage, says visitors should not be concerned once their visas are legitimate. He said all visitors are “copiously vetted” at the port of entry but certai red flags will result in some  being questioned more intensely than others.He listed the red flags as those having legal issues; making frequent visits to the US over short time spans; those who previously overstayed their allotted time;  green-card holders who living outside the US for extending periods and not meeting their obligations as residents.last_img read more

How have you been impacted by the recent terrorist attack in…

first_imgNatalie:  Well thank goodness I wasn’t directly affected by the attack! I work in Brooklyn and live in Brooklyn! My husband works in Brooklyn and my son’s school is also in Brooklyn. My daughter is upstate at school! My sister and step dad and uncle work in Manhattan very close to the attack so I instantly called them to make sure they were ok. Thankfully everyone is safe. It’s a scary time all over the world. Pray for us all.Jacqueline: I am a New Yorker and it’s a shame that we have to be looking over our shoulders and our surroundings at all times.  It is not even safe to be in large crowds of people. This won’t (cause me) much change though. You gave to go about your daily business as usual. Simone:  This tragedy has impacted me and our city in that we are standing strong (and politically unbiased) after the attack.  Every person I have met today has had a smile, or given a hug. Some of us are triggered by PTSD of course, and some may feel unsafe about the atmosphere of our country today. But overall, we are proud to be residents of a city that does not stand for chaos, injustice, or unnecessary violence. I hope that we have given the rest of the country a united voice that we will not be deterred and that terrorists will fail at their job, no matter how many lives are lost. My prayers go out to the families of those who were killed or are being hospitalized. I look at my son and am grateful that he and my family are safe. But overall, we stand strong here in NYC!Deninne:  No it hasn’t affected me. Living in New York City you learn to be tough. I’ve been more aware of my surroundings since 9/11 and teach my children to be alert at all times. Tragedies happen every day all over the world so I continue to pray daily having faith that God is protecting me and family. I send my condolences to the families of the victims in this recent attack. Judith:  I am saddened by the recent horrific terror attack on my city and I pray for the victims, but as a New Yorker and coming from the Caribbean, Jamaica to be specific – I feel that our response shows what I have always known, we are resilient. I love my city and I am not going to allow terrorists to prevent me from enjoying it. We will be cautious, but we will move forward stronger than ever. Colleen: It makes you look at everyone much more closely as I’m traveling in and out of New York City and I try not to let it affect my daily routine.  It’s hard to say (what should be done) as New York City has the best anti-terrorist unit in the country, possibly the world as we have had 2 major terrorist attacks, and I travel in the city and always see police and soldiers at all major hubs. It’s hard to say what more could be done.center_img CNW Talk Up takes it to the streets! Every week, the Caribbean National Weekly highlights issues of interest to the Caribbean American community. This week’s topic on The Terrorist Attack in NYC. New York City, the beloved home to many Caribbean Americans, withstood the attack on Tuesday, October 31st, when a “terrorist” drove a hired truck into the path of bicyclists and pedestrians, killing 8 and injuring 12 others.CNW asked members of the Caribbean-American community in New York how they were affected by the terrorist attack in NYC.This week’s question: How have you been impacted by the recent terrorist attack in NYCRobert:  – The recent “terror attack” I feel, because of the people and community that was directly affected, “rich” changes will be immediately implemented in the more affluent communities. The middle class and poor will see no changes. This will not change the way we (continue to) operate in our community. Grace:  Well, now I am thinking twice about working in the city, I have not been working in the city and was thinking about transitioning back to the city, but now I am about 90% sure that I will not work back in New York City for fear of another attack. I was there during 9/11 and with this again, I just think I want to stay in the suburbs. That is my immediate thought about the terrorist attack. In addition, you don’t know who your neighbor is any more – this person was an Uber driver, you’re getting into a car with someone that you don’t even know. Your sense of safety  and security is being developed, you have to have a keen sense of awareness now of everything and you have to scrutinize every person that you encounter.CNW staff and management wishes to extend their condolences to the families affected by the terrorist attack in NYC.For more CNW Talk Up, visit the link: CNW Talk Uplast_img read more

Haiti to clamp down on student fraud

first_imgHaiti to clamp down on student fraudEducation officials in Haiti, say they will take drastic measures against students and schools that were engaged in fraudulent activities during the state examinations this year.Several acts of student fraudDirector General of the Ministry of National Education, Meniol Jeune, told a news conference that several acts of fraud, including the use of phones during exams, falsification of names and serial numbers, as well as copies of exam papers were detected.He said the guilty pupils will be prohibited from participating in official tests and the schools concerned would also be banned for two years.He said depending on the seriousness of the fraud, the schools may have their classes banned and the private institutions facing the possibility of having their licenses withdrawn.Jeune said that the list containing the names of the schools will be published in accordance with the Haitian Penal Code dealing with forgery.Principals could be suspended The education official said that school principals also face the possibility of suspension as well as having their schools present quarterly reports on the operations of their institutions.Jeune said that in addition, the more than 60 school directors who lied about the actual amount of fees deposited on the account of the Departmental Directorate of Western Education (DDEO) on behalf of the candidates, could also face further action pending the outcome of the court cases.He said the Ministry of Education has taken the precautionary measure of having those directors submit before November 10, 2017, their list of year-end decisions for the 2016-2017 fiscal year among other criteria.Director of the National Office of State Examinations (BUNEXE), Renan Michel said that students who did not get the pass marks required to enter a specific school arranged with the director from another school of the same year, to go to higher class.He said for 2014 – 2015 academic year, BUNEXE registered 526 students and 300 schools involved in this type of dishonest operation.He said those students “playing smart” will be forced to resume classes for which the average pass was not obtained if they wish to continue their studies.For more on Haiti’s schools, click the link: Haiti worried about illegal drug use in schoolslast_img read more

Eugenia Charles: The Caribbean’s First Female Prime Minister

first_img25 Sep 1993 — SNAPSHOT: DOMINICA — Image by © DELLA ZUANA PASCAL/CORBIS SYGMA ROSEAU, Dominica – The leaderships of Barbados’ Mia Mottley, Trinidad and Tobago’s Kamla Persad-Bissessar, and Jamaica’s Portia Simpson-Miller, among others, are all the domino-effect of the political career of Dame Mary Eugenia Charles, the Caribbean’s first female prime minister.Charles served as the Prime Minister of Dominica from 1980 to 1995. Not only was she was the first woman in the Americas to be elected in her own right as head of government, but created a legacy as the longest-serving female Prime Minister in the Caribbean and the second-longest serving Prime Minister in Dominica. She was also the world’s third longest-serving female Prime Minister, behind Indira Gandhi of India and Sirimavo Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka.Charles was born in 1919, long before Dominica gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1978. Though she was born during Dominica’s colonial era, Charles grew up relatively wealthy, as her parents were descendants of free people of color. Her father was a mason who became a wealthy landowner and had business interests in export-import.Charles attended the Catholic Convent School in Dominica, the island’s only girls’ secondary school at the time. After graduating, Charles became interested in law while working at the colonial magistrate’s court. She attended the University of Toronto in Canada (LL.B., 1947), then moved to the United Kingdom to attend the prestigious London School of Economics. She passed the bar in London and returned to Dominica, where she became the island’s first female lawyer.She began campaigning in politics during the 1960s against restrictions on press freedom. She helped to found the Dominica Freedom Party (DFP), and was its leader from the early 1970s until 1995. She was elected to the House of Assembly in 1970 and became Opposition Leader in 1975. She continued serving after Dominica gained full independence from British rule in 1978.The first female Prime Minister in the Caribbean, Eugenia Charles was elected to the head post when the DFP swept the 1980 elections, the party’s first electoral victory. She took over from Oliver Seraphin, who had taken over only the year before, when mass protests had forced the country’s first prime minister, Patrick John, to step down from office. She additionally served as Dominica’s Foreign Minister from 1980 to 1990, and as chairperson of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS).Charles became more widely known to the outside world for her role in the lead-up to the United States Invasion of Grenada. In the wake of the arrest and execution of Grenadian Prime Minister Maurice Bishop, Charles, then serving as chairperson of the OECS, appealed to the United States, Jamaica, and Barbados for intervention. She appeared on television with U.S. president Ronald Reagan, supporting the invasion. Journalist Bob Woodward reported that the US paid millions of US dollars to the Dominica Government, some of which was regarded by the CIA as a ‘payoff’ for Charles’s support for the US intervention in Grenada.During her tenure as Prime Minister, Charles made policies that protected the poor and disadvantaged in Dominica. She supported many social welfare programmes as well as anti-corruption laws and individual freedom policies. For her uncompromising stance on these issues, she became known as the “Iron Lady of the Caribbean”. In 1991, she was made a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire.With popularity declining during her third term, Charles announced her retirement in 1995. The DFP subsequently lost the 1995 elections. After retiring, Charles undertook speaking engagements in the United States and abroad. She became involved in former U.S. President Jimmy Carter’s Carter Center, which promotes human rights and observes elections to encourage fairness.In 2005, Charles entered a hospital in Fort-de-France, Martinique, for hip-replacement surgery. She died from a pulmonary embolism on September 6, 2005, at 86 years of age. Charles never married nor had children.last_img read more

Antigua Gov’t Seeks Medical Supplies, Health Professionals from Cuba

first_imgANTIGUA – The Antigua and Barbuda Government has made a request to Cuba for supplies of the Interferon 2B drug that boosts the immune system, allowing patients who are very sick a chance to recover from diseases like the coronavirus.“The Cuban drug is in great demand at this time, as are others that are being tested on patients. Only one confirmed case of coronavirus has been detected in Antigua, and that 21-year-old patient is recovering. However, should an elderly Antiguan or Barbudan fall ill with the virus, the Cabinet is determined that all will be done to save that life. No death from coronavirus has occurred in Antigua and Barbuda,” a statement issued following the special Cabinet meeting on Sunday read.It said that the Cuban doctors and nurses, who will arrive on Thursday, March 26, are experienced in the management of infectious diseases.Since the release of the statement, Antigua confirmed two additional cases of COVID-19, bringing their national tally to three.last_img read more

75% of Jamaica’s Tourism Industry Employees Have Been Laid Off

first_imgJamaica’s minister of tourism, Ed Bartlett Jamaica’s minister of tourism Edmund Bartlett recently revealed that 75% of the country’s tourism workers have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.The island’s borders have been closed to incoming passengers for almost a month, resulting in the closure of several major hotels on the island including Sandals Resorts.As a result, thousands of hospitality workers have been laid off.Bartlett revealed that of the 160,000 people that work in Jamaica’s tourism industry, 120,000 of those workers have already been laid off, meaning that only 25 per cent of the workers directly employed to the industry are still working.In addition, the 40,000 of them who are still employed are working for either two days or three days a week, for a fraction of their normal pay from the hotels.“So, in essence, 120,000 or 75 per cent of the workers employed directly to the industry are now laid off”, he explained. “That’s significant for us to consider when we are looking at how hard all of us have to work. All of us have to work hard to ensure that our unemployment figures hold only for a short period of time, because the longer the period of time that it holds is the more dire the straits will be,” Bartlett warned.Many of those now unemployed have turned to the government for as much help as they can get. Jamaica’s ministry of finance has been providing COVID-19 relief for those that have been laid off since the virus entered the island. Others will have to depend further on family and friends from the diaspora to send remittances until the industry bounces back and jobs are restored.Bartlett noted that for the first two months of the year, Jamaica was doing “very well” with tourism, earning US$859 million.“So everything was going well and we brought in just a little over a million visitors, in fact. So the trajectory was positive and strong. What we want to do is to get back into the [groove] as quickly as possible, so that the earnings for Jamaica can, in fact, be restored,” he stated.The entire Caribbean region, which relies heavily on tourism, is likely to see drastic effects as a result of COVID-19. Bartlett said that the region is likely to lose some US$62 billion in foreign exchange earnings this year, and some 2.4 million workers are being affected.last_img read more

AUDIO: Away Win At Rivers United Thrills Duke Udi

first_imgTechnical Adviser of Sunshine Stars Duke Udi could not hide his excitement after watching his wards defeat Rivers United 1-0 in Port Harcourt on Wednesday.Ezekiel Thompson’s 67th-minute header handed the ‘Owena Waves’ all three points in their Match Day 30 Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) fixture against an unimpressive United side.The win is the second in their last two away matches, following a 4-2 thrashing of ABS FC in Ilorin in less than a fortnight ago, much to the delight of Udi, who recently took over the reins at Sunshine [email protected] are the only team to win back-to-back away matches so far this #NPFL season #RIVSUN— League Management NG (@LMCNPFL) July 19, 2017“Fantastic display! This is a great team,” an elated Udi stated. “I’m so excited.“We’ll keep fighting. We still have 24 points to fight for.”The Akure-based team currently play their home matches at the Otunba Dipo Dina Stadium in Ijebu-Ode following crowd trouble at their Akure ground.In an exclusive chat with, the former Shooting Stars and Enyimba midfielder revealed that playing home games away from home has brought the best out of his team.“We lost our last game (against Nasarawa United) in our home but the guys gave a good show. For we to lose at home and come here (Port Harcourt) and win, that is a good team and a good character.“We don’t have home because we are banished from our home because of the unruly behavior from our fans. So we are banished to Ijebu-Ode. So we don’t have home,”“That is good for the team. So you can see we play outside of our home. We fight; we fight for everything,” the 41-year old said.Thanks guys, great game.— Sunshine Stars FC (@SunshineFCAkure) July 19, 2017With the away win against the ‘Pride of Rivers’, Sunshine Stars moved a place up to 15th on the NPFL standings with 39 points from 30 matches.They will next face El Kanemi Warriors in Ijebu-Ode in a Match Day 31 clash on Sunday.Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.RelatedAUDIO: Sunshine Stars Won’t Be Relegated – Duke UdiJuly 29, 2017In “Nigeria”AUDIO: Duke Udi Reflects On Outgone NPFL SeasonSeptember 22, 2017In “Nigeria”‘Pay Me My Money’ – Duke Udi Fires Back At Ondo State GovernmentMarch 14, 2018In “Nigeria”last_img read more

BREAKING: Bayern Sack Manager After PSG Debacle

first_imgGerman champions Bayern Munich have sacked manager Carlo Ancelotti following their uninspiring 3-0 loss to big spenders Paris Saint Germain (PSG) in their UEFA Champions League (UCL) clash at the Parc des Princes on Wednesday night. The former Real Madrid, Chelsea, PSG and AC Milan manager has paid dearly with his job after an underwhelming start to the season was compounded by the UCL loss to his former club.Carlo Ancelotti had reportedly been under pressure leading to the game in France due to an average start in the German Bundlesliga and the game against PSG didn’t help his situation. The Italian manager joined Bayern Munich in the summer of 2016 as replacement for Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola following a brief stint out of football having been sacked at Real Madrid at the end of the 2014/15 season.He leaves Bayern Munich in 3rd spot on the Bundlesliga table behind Borussia Dortmund and TSG Hoffenheim.Relatedlast_img read more

Adam Smith – Sky Bet backing the Northern Powerhouse push

first_imgShare StumbleUpon William Hill closes Stockholm Gametek office July 1, 2020 Submit PokerStars moves to refresh global appeal with ‘I’M IN’ August 18, 2020 Following a market opening for the 2023 European City of Culture which has Leeds as the current frontrunner, we spoke to Head of Corporate Affairs at Sky Bet Adam Smith. Adam Smith – Sky BetSky Bet has recently expanded in the city, and is a big believer in the government’s Northern Powerhouse scheme. SBC: As a company which has generated over £140m for the Yorkshire economy in one year (2015), and one that continues to expand its workforce there, you’re clearly big believers in the city of Leeds? Adam: We love being headquartered in Leeds and have recently expanded into a brand new building in the Wellington Place digital hub, just a five minute walk from the train station. Number 6 is now home to our new purpose-built innovation space which is great news for our people, our partnerships and our projects. It’s really positive to help develop the city’s tech story though our employees and our premises – last year we created one in every 100 digital jobs in Leeds and we must be one of the only digital companies in the world with a roulette wheel roundabout and an indoor putting green for meetings. These talking points and our continued investment, recruitment and recognition as one of only two tech unicorns in Yorkshire, help fuel the good news about Leeds.SBC: Since SkyBet’s move from Harrogate have you seen a great deal of digital and tech firms moving to the area? A lack of transportation, especially from Manchester, has been mentioned as a clear barrier to Yorkshire being able to attract more workers/companies…Adam: Leeds digital is thriving and events such as the Leeds Digital Festival showcase our diverse tech scene, the wealth of career opportunities and the great lifestyle on offer. We are a city of scale ups and public health tech, digital arts and media, social businesses, start-ups and big data. Recent research we commissioned did reveal that concerns about a potential commute to work are a major factor in people not willing to consider taking a job in Yorkshire – which supports research from the CBI that a cut in travel times from Leeds to Manchester and/or Sheffield to 30 minutes would boost the Leeds city centre economy by 10%. Our CEO Richard Flint has been very vocal on the need to be collaborative with neighbouring cities and for Government has to move fast on transport plans that make it easier to commute between cities like Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield.SBC: Is Leeds winning the 2023 Capital of Culture an important step in the government’s Northern Powerhouse strategy?Adam: It would certainly be great news for the city and a very opportune moment to share an eye-opening narrative with the rest of the world. The Northern Powerhouse sits primarily across the economy, transport and education, however culture in all its forms is an important driver in prosperity and well-being and therefore an intrinsic part of the success story of the north.(Image Credit) Share Related Articles EFL urges government to rethink gambling sponsorship ban July 3, 2020last_img read more

Dr Bernd Oswald to lead Novomatic Supervisory Board

first_img Submit Levy departure sees Novomatic split global sales leadership April 26, 2019 Dr Bernd OswaldUpdating the market, the governance of Novomatic AG has confirmed that attorney Dr Bernd Oswald will succeed Herbert Lugmayr as Chairman of the firm’s Supervisory Board.Oswald a commercial and corporate law attorney, has sat on Novomatic’s Supervisory Board since 2012 and has further acted as a legal advisory for Novomatic governance.From 1 March, the Novomatic Supervisory Board will expand to six members, consisting of  Dr. Bernd Oswald (Chairman), Martina Flitsch (Deputy Chairwoman), Barbara Feldmann, Martina Kurz, Dr. Robert Hofians and Robert Hofians.The promotions of Dr Oswald, sees long-term Supervisory Chairman Herbert Lugmayr retire from the advisory position. Novomatic governance informed investors that Lugmayr services would continue in an ‘advistory function’.Novomatic governance thanked Lugmayr for his 20-years, service to the company, in which he contribute to the company’s ‘unique and sustainable success’. Related Articles Triennial cut impacts Inspired performance March 12, 2020 StumbleUpon Share Harald Neumann ends tenure as Novomatic CEO March 2, 2020 Sharelast_img read more