Another Internet user arrested for lese majeste as Internet regulation dialogue gets under way

first_img Red alert for green journalism – 10 environmental reporters killed in five years Help by sharing this information August 21, 2020 Find out more Reporters Without Borders deplores today’s arrest of Internet user Suwicha Thakhor on a charge of insulting the monarchy (lese majeste), just one day after Thai Netizen Network, a group that defends online freedom of expression, met with Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva and suggested ways to reach a compromise on Internet regulation, including the issue of lese majeste. “This arrest gives the government the opportunity to demonstrate its readiness to maintain a real dialogue by keeping a close watch on the conduct of the investigation,” Reporters Without Borders said. “We urge the government to do everything possible to ensure that Thakhor is released as soon as the authorities establish that he has not done anything that violates democratic norms.” The Department of Special Investigations said Thakhor was arrested because his computer’s Internet address matched the address from which comments about the king and his aides had been sent. He was picked up by the police while visiting friends in the provinces. The authorities say they suspect he knew the police were after him and that he left the capital for this reason. Thakhor, who is being held at Department of Special Investigations headquarters in Bangkok, has denied the charges. May 12, 2021 Find out more Organisation News ThailandAsia – Pacific January 14, 2009 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Another Internet user arrested for lese majeste as Internet regulation dialogue gets under way News to go further RSF_en Follow the news on Thailand ThailandAsia – Pacific Receive email alerts Supinya Klangnarong, the coordinator of Thai Netizen Network and a media advocate, spoke to Reporters Without Borders after yesterday’s meeting with the prime minister. “During this meeting, we were able to express our views and concerns,” she said. “Meeting with the PM is thefirst step to beginning negotiations aimed at seeking appropriate regulation that will uphold cyber-liberty inThailand.”Political science professor Giles Ji Ungpakorn yesterday called for a national and international campaign to demand the abolition of the crime of lese majeste. On 11 January, Ungpakorn was ordered to report to a Bangkok police station on 20 January to be charged under the lese majeste law in connection with his book “A Coup for the Rich,” which can be downloaded at no cost from his blog, Reporters Without Borders reiterates its call for the withdrawal of the charges against him.More information News June 12, 2020 Find out more News Thai premier, UN rapporteurs asked to prevent journalists being returned to Myanmar Covid-19 emergency laws spell disaster for press freedomlast_img read more

Digital Transformation – the Connected CEO’s Main Focus

first_imgDigital disruption is coming. Through my travels meeting with customers around the region, one thing is very clear – the current trend toward digitization is not a passing fad that will gracefully let any industry off the hook. To stay relevant, companies that want to play a major part in this fourth industrial revolution must digitally transform. To win this race to become digital, smart CEOs recognize that they themselves must evolve into the role of ‘Connected CEO’, and truly understand the value technology is poised to bring to the business.The CEO is after growth in both revenue and profit. This can only be realized by providing a top notch customer experience and bringing products and services to the market faster than the competition. To achieve this, two things are important: speeding up the business processes, which means reducing the number of steps, and letting technology do the lion’s share of the work.The ‘Appification’ of an EnterpriseIncreasingly, requests for products and services come in the form of an app – be it to order food, request a vehicle, book travel, manage an investment portfolio, etc. Even when placing business-to-business orders, buyers expect to use consumer-grade mobile applications. Internally as well, employees now demand a level of user friendliness and convenience in their company applications, as if they were designed by Steve Jobs himself.  These apps are cloud-native and data-driven, and demand third-platform infrastructures to provision them quickly and seamlessly. The market relevance of a customer-facing enterprise is directly linked to the freshness of its apps. Miss a beat and you’re dead. Long product cycles are out. Both the organization and the technology must be geared towards rolling out apps at high velocity.Mainframe in the SkyMaking the right technological choices is not easy, and all members of the C-suite need to get involved. It goes without saying that the CIO is the person who has the inside scoop on the technical aspects of the solutions to be used. But the CFO, the CMO, the COO and all other business leaders have come to understand that their processes can be greatly enhanced by applying emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. These new technologies have all found their way to the cloud, and any sound organization realizes we now live in a multi-cloud world where services are provided, by workload, from either in-house cloud, ‘ As a service ‘ offerings, mission – critical cloud, or Public Cloud, based on the need for agility, performance, cyber security and cost.Meanwhile, some of the early adopters of hyper-scale clouds have discovered that it is just as easy to get locked in the cloud as it was in the days of proprietary mainframes. Moving workloads from one place to another becomes a painful, if not impossible, exercise. And where cloud computing came with the promise of optimizing cost, investments are now spiraling as new data services are added. Most companies are finding out the hard way that negotiating a cloud contract is not as simple as a straight forward transaction, in fact many organizations expect enterprise support yet what they got was a common service…at a premium price.Architect for ChoiceHere’s why organisations are now implementing cloud-like concepts in their internal departments, keeping their data close to home and knowing they have a great partner in IT departments that can adapt quickly to changes to deliver both the necessary apps and infrastructure. The nature of our economy is such that companies must be able to anticipate or react swiftly to new conditions that arise. That’s why organizations need to design for change, both in their business processes and in their technology. Change is inevitable, so they need to architect for choice, avoiding mousetrap solutions.Technology has never played a bigger part in the success of an organization, and has become a top priority for any business leader. Today’s reality is we live in an apps driven, data driven multi-cloud world and by choosing the right partners to work with the CEO can discover the art of the possible.  CEO’s need partners who speak the CEO’s language, understand their industry, their company and the company’s goals, and can help to efficiently navigate the upcoming digital transformation journey.last_img read more

Key Future of Work Trends for 2019 and Beyond: Embrace New Dynamics & Create New Experiences

first_img“Future of Work” as described by IDC is an evolutionary journey of how emerging technologies and demographic changes are impacting the way work is done. To boost productivity and foster innovation, companies are moving towards empowering employees with new technologies, offering them more choices and even embracing new office designs, all in the hopes for better talent attraction and retention.  At Dell, the impact of technology and how it boosts productivity and innovation have always been at our roots.  Because of this, we partnered with IDC to identify what key Future of Work trends impact monitors in particular and how that will continue to evolve over the years. The six trends, as outlined in the IDC paper, The Future of Work: Embracing New Dynamics, Creating New Experiences, are: Monitors are a key enabler for superior digital experiencesAs the war for attracting and retaining the best talent intensifies, organizations are placing an increasing importance on Employee Experience (EX).  IDC predicts that by 2021, at least 60% of Forbes Global 2000 (G2000)[1] companies will actively monitor and manage EX, utilizing EX as a key differentiator to build and maintain business relationships.[2] We expect to see flexible working policies, better workspace designs, and employees given a choice of devices to help improve productivity and efficiency as part of providing a better employee experience.  Giving employees choice of work device will have a direct impact on worker effectiveness.Monitors will continue to be the anchor point for productivity and remain the primary gateway to view, create and interact with digital content. Therefore, it is important to have a robust monitors strategy that keeps in mind the future needs of both employees and customers. Need for better monitor & visualization technologies are on the rise due to increasing use of artificial intelligence and 3D ToolsIDC forecasts that 3rd Platform technologies will drive information and communications technology (ICT) spending to more than US$6 trillion by 2022. According to the World Economic Forum, 133 million new roles will emerge that will reclassify work between humans and machines; AI alone is expected to create 58 million net new jobs in the next few years.As IDC notes in the paper, the unprecedented growth of AI and 3D tools, as well as the use of AR/VR technologies, will impact the use of monitors as most of the digital content creation, 3D modeling and data visualization continue to be done on desktop monitors by employees.These trends will continue to drive the demand for high performance monitors with richer color coverage, higher resolution, larger sizes and newer form factors with digital connectivity to support new workloads and technologies over the next few years for a variety of data-centric and design tasks. Monitors are adapting to new workspace trends and changing demographicsMobility in the workplace is an up and coming strategic approach that offers employees greater freedom to work anywhere and empowers them with technologies to be more productive.  Hotdesking, hoteling trends, co-working and increased shared spaces in offices are fueling mobile tech discussions.IDC predicts that by 2021, demand for top talent will have resulted in 65% of G2000 companies offering coworking and remote-work options that leverage pervasive access to enterprise and collaboration applications.[2]Dell sees monitors aligning with these trends, as they become slimmer, lighter and easy to connect. Several concepts — from modular designs, lightweight, easy to connect monitors with USB-C support and even foldable displays have emerged in recent years. As workspaces continue to evolve, we expect to see new form factors and more specialized monitors based on tasks or other productivity needs. Considerations for employee well-being and better ergonomicsOrganizations are now increasingly focusing on employee well-being for compliance and improving talent attraction and retention. The European Parliament formally proclaimed the European Pillar of Social Rights committed to providing a healthy, safe and well-adapted work environment for workers in the European Union.  In the U.S., the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHAct) tools ensure that employers promptly correct hazardous working conditions.  IDC forecasts that by 2021, 60% of G2000 companies will have adopted a future workspace model that is a flexible, intelligent, collaborative virtual/physical work environment improving employee experience and productivity2. This has led to the use of new practices and technologies to improve health and safety at work.We are seeing initiatives take advantage of new devices and form factors, simulated trainings, open workspace designs, standing desks, and ultrawide curved monitors for better viewing angles. There is also a push for better ergonomics in monitors. Features include height adjustability to support better posture and blue light emission reduction for a more comfortable viewing experience. This will continue to reshape the entire workspace design and move employers to recognize that monitors impact their health and well-being. Gaming and e-sports are driving consumer demand for richer contentIDC expects the number of active PC gamers between 2017 and 2019, to grow by 10%, approaching one billion gamers, while the gaming PC market and the PC games market are expected to grow to 25 million (+19%) and US$35 billion (+7%) respectively. The explosive growth of gamers and the rapidly expanding universe of creators are expected to drive the demand for higher performance monitors. These include graphic artists and photographers who require precise color accuracy and high pixel count, to game developers who need responsive and high-resolution monitors to enjoy the immersive feel of playing AAA titles. For data scientists to work productively, one monitor is not enough; they need multiple monitors to simultaneously view multiple data streams in real time. The content creation ecosystem continues to expand outward affecting everyone from device makers, to content developers, to advertisers and even consumers.The demand for monitors will continue to grow, with the rise of new gaming and content studios, and the use of richer content by knowledge workers and marketing teams. In 2017, only 7% of monitor shipments were above US$300.  By 2022, the US$300+ end of the monitor market could approach 20%. USB-C: Power to the user, simplicity to ITPreparing for a future workforce entails a wider, more flexible device portfolio. Wider device portfolios likely spell happier and more productive employees, but they also spell massive I/O port, cable and dongle disruption which in turn incurs significant cost and headaches for IT.In 2018, USB-C was embedded in nearly half of all notebooks shipped.  IDC expects this number to be closer to 1 in 3 by 2022. The consolidation of ports and protocols to one can help IT manage what has historically been clumsy I/O transitions.USB-C not only delivers a higher throughput, faster speeds and supports many protocols, but it also helps organizations simplify on accessories and cabling. It would be wise for organizations to look into enabling new, more powerful workloads for their end users ― while avoiding headaches for IT ― to start thinking about USB-C monitors, PCs and peripherals.All in all, the Future of Work, as viewed by IDC, means supporting a future workforce and powering future workloads. Supporting a future workforce entails democratizing the device chain to better allow employees to work on their terms. This will also drive organization-wide productivity and focus on employee experience and well-being, beyond just cost considerations. Driving future workloads necessitates better tools, specifically better ways to capture, visualize, process and collaborate on the impending data deluge.As emerging technology and demographic changes continue to impact the workplace, monitors will continue to evolve. Forward-thinking companies at the forefront of these considerations will witness productivity and employee satisfaction gains simply by putting a little bit more care and flexibility into their monitor strategies.Interested in reading more?  Download the full paper here.[1] Forbes, Editors Pick (June 2018), Global 2000: The World’s Largest Public Companies [2] IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Future of Work 2019 Predictionslast_img read more

Adris is investing two billion kuna in the tourism part of the Group by 2021

first_imgAt the session held today in Rovinj, the Supervisory Board of the Adris Group considered and submitted for adoption to the General Assembly the financial reports for 2017. As reported by the company’s management, in 2017 the Adris group generated total revenue in the amount of HRK 5,54 billion. Net profit amounts to HRK 374 million, with profit after minority interests amounting to HRK 293 million. In 2017, Adris companies achieved double-digit growth in net profit, and, looking at the consolidated, the growth is 33 percent.The key event that, as the President of the Management Board pointed out, mr. sc. Ante Vlahović, in addition to the transformation of the company, to contribute to the further growth and development of Adris is the decision to purchase and sign a contract for the sale of shares and a strategic partnership with HUP Zagreb.With the preparation of the acquisition at the end of 2017 and the formal completion in the first part of 2018, the Adris Group continued its investment strategy in the highest segments of the hotel offer. Preconditions have been created for year-round operations and increased operational, financial and other synergy effects, which strengthens Adris’s core business. By expanding its tourist portfolio to growing Croatian destinations, one of the leading hotel companies has been created, which operates in the most attractive tourist destinations in the country.Maistra achieved double-digit growth in key business indicatorsPhoto: MaistraAdris’ investments to date, worth more than four billion kuna, in the highest segment of services and destination development, with further efficiency gains, have resulted in double-digit growth in all key indicators of Maistra’s business in 2017, Adris points out.There were 3,5 million overnight stays, an increase of ten percent compared to the previous year, with an increase in the average price of overnight stays of five percent. Operating revenues amounted to 1,14 billion and were 13 percent higher than last year. EBITDA (profit before depreciation, interest and taxes) amounts to HRK 400 million, which is a growth of 21 percent. EBIT (profit before interest and taxes) grew by 27 percent and amounted to HRK 229 million. The realized net profit amounts to HRK 162 million, which is an increase of 14 percent compared to the previous year.An investment cycle of HRK 2021 billion is planned for 2Investments in 2017 amounted to HRK 510 million, and at the beginning of the year, the reconstruction of the accommodation part of the Eden hotel worth HRK 66 million was completed. Investments in camps, worth almost HRK 200 million, have also been completed, mostly related to the arrangement of infrastructure and raising the quality of common facilities. At the end of 2017, the renovation of the Hilton Hotel in Dubrovnik began. The newly renovated hotel reopened in April this year. During 2017, work began on the construction of the new Park Hotel, a key product in the process of completing the top hotel offer in Rovinj, which is expected to be completed by the end of this year. In addition to investing in raising the quality of its own facilities, Maistra is continuously working to increase the visibility and design of the tourist offer of Rovinj as a destination. Among other events, in May 2017, Maistra organized for the second time a prestigious international sporting event, the Beach Polo Tournament.The low total indebtedness of the tourism part of the Group enables the continuation of the investment cycle which is the basis for further growth and development of the company. By 2021, an additional two billion kuna will be invested in the tourist part of the Group, which will bring 95 percent of hotel capacities to the highest level of supply.</p>
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first_imgThe unpaid real property taxes go backto two past city administrations, said Treñas. Multiple demands for paymentwere made but these went unheeded. PECO has not been issued a businesspermit for failing to settle its real property taxes. BRINGING MORE TO LIFE. More Electric and Power Corp. aims to implement a P1.7-billion improvement and rehabilitation of the power distribution system in Iloilo City within five years. On Feb. 14, 2019 President RodrigoDuterte signed MORE Power’s franchise law, Republic Act 11212. Also in his recent statements, thecity mayor stood firm that he won’t negotiate with PECO and insisted that itpay P98 million in real property taxes to the city government. ILOILO City – More Electric and PowerCorp. (MORE Power) has expressed intention to join the city government’sauction of Panay Electric Co.’s (PECO) properties on Dec. 12. No less than Mayor Jerry Treñasannounced that city government will be holding a public auction forP90-million worth of PECO assets.  These resulted to the nonrenewal ofPECO’s business permit this year, added Treñas. “Kawawanaman ang city na for many years hindibinabayaran. Kaya we will participate and pay more than the floor price sothe city can use the funds already for its social services,” said Castro. What PECO only has is a provisionalCertificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) issued by the EnergyRegulatory Commission as provided in the franchise of MORE Power to ensureuninterrupted service to consumers during a two-year transition period. The city government will beauctioning, among others, PECO’s 20,000 wooden and concrete posts, electricmeters, transformers, electrical cables, and other power distribution equipmentto offset real property taxes that the company failed to pay for several years. This is the city government’s legalstep against the power distributor for refusing to pay long overdue realproperty taxes, he said. Its franchise actually expired on Jan.19, 2019 and Congress refused to grant it another one, citing consumers’complaints of, among others, poor customer relations, inaccurate or wrongbillings and high rates. Trenas said he would use the saidamount for, among others, the improvement of city hall.   Italso filed several court cases against MORE Power’s expropriation of itsdistribution assets. MOREPower aims to take over the system and implement a P1.7-billion improvement andrehabilitation within five years./PN This way, MORE Power can help the citygovernment raise needed funds for basic social services, said Roel Castro,president of the power distribution utility which has a 25-year franchise inIloilo City.last_img read more

The Latest: Rogers Cup women’s tennis tournament canceled

first_imgThe Latest: Rogers Cup women’s tennis tournament canceled Tennis Canada announced Saturday that the event, scheduled for Aug. 7-16 in Montreal, is off the schedule. Quebec’s government announced Friday that no sporting events could be held through Aug. 31, though it left the door slightly open for pro teams.“At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis we were hoping that the situation would be resolved in time to be able to host our tournament as initially planned on the calendar, but we knew that the chances were getting smaller and smaller in recent weeks,” Montreal tournament director Eugene Lapierre said in a statement. “Our priority in the management of this crisis has always been to ensure the safety and well-being of our players, fans, volunteers, partners and employees. It is thus with a heavy heart that we received this news, but we understand that this decision was necessary.”Tennis Canada says the women’s event will return to Montreal in August 2021.The women’s and men’s Rogers Cup traditionally rotate between Toronto and Montreal. As of Saturday, the men’s event in Toronto in August was still on the schedule. Associated Press More AP sports: and,Tampa Bay Lightning advance to face Dallas Stars in Stanley Cup finals, beating New York Islanders 2-1 in OT in Game 6 ___Geraint Thomas is still hoping the Tour de France can go ahead at some point in 2020 and believes he is in good shape to go for a second yellow jersey.The Tour, set to take place between June 27 and July 19, has yet to be postponed or canceled but with sporting events all over the world impacted by the coronavirus pandemic its chances of surviving as scheduled appear remote.Thomas, the 2018 champion, also announced a charity ride – in his garage – in support of Britain’s National Health Service.“I think I’m in my prime at the moment,” the Welshman told BBC Radio Five Live. “Obviously there are bigger things that need to be sorted out first but as soon as it’s safe and ready to go ahead we’d love it to happen. I’m praying and hoping it goes ahead at some point.” Team Ineos rider Egan Bernal won the 2019 edition.___Steven Gerrard is leading the well-wishes for Kenny Dalglish after it was revealed the Liverpool great had tested positive for coronavirus.Gerrard played under Dalglish when he returned to manage Liverpool for a second stint between January 2011 and May 2012.The former Liverpool captain posted a picture of one of his daughters alongside Dalglish on Instagram and wrote “Get well soon king” in a nod to his old manager’s nickname. Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditThe Latest on the effects of the coronavirus outbreak on sports around the world:___The Rogers Cup women’s tennis tournament will not be played this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. April 11, 2020 Dalglish’s family released a statement Friday night which confirmed the 69-year-old had been hospitalized on Wednesday in order to treat a separate infection which required intravenous antibiotics.Dalglish won nine league titles during his time as player and manager at Liverpool.The former Celtic and Scotland forward was given a routine test for COVID-19 after being admitted and the result showed up as positive – although he is displaying no symptoms.The statement said: “In keeping with current procedures, he was subsequently tested for Covid-19 despite having previously displayed no symptoms of the illness. Unexpectedly, the test result was positive but he remains asymptomatic.”___last_img read more

InsiderSport: On The Ball – Revenues, Legal battles and the Coup de la Ligue

first_img Share StumbleUpon David Lampitt, Sportradar: F1 presents betting’s most sizeable opportunity August 14, 2020 From sponsorship to the ever-expanding world of football media coverage, when it comes to the business of football, InsiderSport has you covered. This edition looks at Atletico Madrid’s revenue increase, Manchester United’s upcoming court battle and says farewell to the French Coup de la Ligue.LFC fails in trademarking pursuitLiverpool FC has lost its controversial attempt to trademark the word ‘Liverpool’. The club always maintained that its pursuit of trademarking the term was solely down to footballing reasons and to hinder those aiming to profit from ‘inauthentic products’. However, the IPO cited the geographical importance of the city in its decision not to allow the trademarking. In a statement, Liverpool FC said: “The club accepts the decision that has been taken by the Intellectual Property Office, due primarily to what the official judgement cites as ‘the geographical significance’ of Liverpool as a city in comparison to place names that have been trademarked by other football clubs in the UK. “We will, however, continue to aggressively pursue those large-scale operations which seek to illegally exploit our intellectual property.”Peter Moore, the club’s chief executive officer, added: “It should be stressed that our application was put forward in good faith and with the sole aim of protecting and furthering the best interests of the club and its supporters. Nevertheless, we accept the decision and the spirit in which it has been made.The plans were met with much hostility, including from one of the club’s most renowned supporter’s groups, Spirit of Shankly, who described the decision of the IPO as ‘a victory for common sense’. When the notion first came to light, the group emphasised the far reaching consequences the decision could have: “For decades, local traders outside of Anfield have sold scarfs, hats, T-shirts etc and for many it’s their sole source of income. Scores of those T-shirts have been, and still are, happily worn by players, past and present. These traders provide a vibrant alternative to the club’s official merchandise and are bought by thousands of fans every matchday. What happens to them?”Atletico Madrid sees 27% revenue increase following star salesAtletico Madrid’s busy transfer window has paid off as the club has announced it expects a revenue increase of 27% for the 2019/20 financial year. The La Liga side, who lost star players such as Antoine Griezmann, Rodri and Lucas Hernandez, were one of the busiest clubs in this summer’s transfer market as they looked to replace up to nine first team players. Miguel Angel Gil Marin, Atletico’s chief executive, commented on the window, stating: “We had to reinvent ourselves, the exits of Lucas, Griezmann and Rodri have made us make very risky decisions and we have suffered because of buyout clauses.“A cycle which ended for a number of players came at the same time, some players wanted to leave and others didn’t but they did anyway. [Diego] Godin, Juanfran and Filipe [Luis] have all left and we’ve had to live through a generational change.”The club received over €300m in transfer fees and spent less than €250m replacing the departures, most notably bringing in Portugese youngster Joao Felix for around €120m.  The profits made in the transfer market no doubt aided Atleti’s increase in revenue, with Marin revealing the club is expecting to register a revenue of €515m.As well as generating income from the selling of players, Atletico also raised approximately €182 million in the sale of its previous home stadium, the Vicente Calderon.Marin concluded: “Our income in ten years has gone from €100 to €500 million and we have put that mainly down to our team. It was a very risky strategy but we have gone from 23rd to second in the Uefa rankings.”Onefootball unites with Sportradar Onefootball has strengthened its OTT offering, announcing a new partnership with Sportradar.The deal follows Onefootball’s entry into the sports broadcasting sector, with it showcasing premium football rights via a pay-per-view model through its own app in April 2019.This growth will allow the brand to use the Sportradar OTT platform, which combines data and video to ensure the optimal viewing experience.Onefootball, which already utilises Sportradar data to create engaging sports content and power its live score service, recently announced pay-per-view live streaming distribution partnerships with Sky Deutschland, for 2. Bundesliga and DFB-Pokal matches in Germany, and Eleven Sports for domestic Serie C matches in Italy as well as selected premium matches in Belgium and Luxemburg.Onefootball will now leverage Sportradar’s data-driven OTT solution to support the expansion of its OTT offering with further rights holders across the globe.Onefootball CEO & Founder, Lucas von Cranach, commented: “We are delighted to be taking our next steps in the streaming market and also build on our existing relationship with Sportradar by utilising and jointly customising their state-of-the-art OTT solution for our purposes.“After test-launching in April, we have looked extensively for the most appropriate technological partner for the next chapter in this venture. Sportradar, with their global footprint, flexible solution and array of impressive work with other big industry names, is a natural choice.”LFP abolishes Coupe de la LigueIn a sure sign of the times, French league football (LFP) has announced that the French League Cup competition is no more.The tournament had been in existence since 1995 but the league has now voted to no longer run the domestic league cup tournament.The cup competition, based on the English League Cup format, included all league clubs from Ligues 1 & 2.The winner of each season’s French League Cup competition qualified for the following season’s Europa League. Now, that spot will go to an extra team in the Ligue 1 standings.Strasbourg are the current League Cup holders while giants Paris Saint Germain were the record holders, winning it 8 times in the competition’s 24-year history.In an official statement, the LFP said: “This decision allows us to reduce the season schedule which gives players more time to recover and will give an extra European spot, via the Ligue 1 standings for the 2020-2021 season.This means that as from next season, of the ‘big five’ leagues in Europe (Germany, Italy, Spain, England, France), only England will have a League Cup competition.Television’s unchallenged sports broadcasting throne The ways in which sport is consumed is constantly changing. Thanks to the latest technological developments there are now multiple platforms for fans to watch sports. From online to mobile, viewing sports is only ever a fingertip away, but television still appears to be king. Read more…On The ball is brought to you by InsiderSport, SBC’s new portal which offers all the latest news and cutting-edge analysis from the evolving business of sport. To find out more about the site, click the banner below. Related Articles Submit Sportradar combats social media abuse with player protection solution August 17, 2020 Share Björn Nilsson: How Triggy is delivering digestible data through pre-set triggers August 28, 2020last_img read more

Manchester United hold on to beat Real Madrid

first_imgBut seeing his side establish a two goal lead in the first half was encouraging, as was holding Real at bay after Karim Benezema’s goal just before the interval gave the Spanish side hope of mounting a comeback.“I didn’t learn anything (from this tour),” said Mourinho. “I know what Ander Herrera, Juan Mata and Alexis Sanchez are.“I know the kids are very young and need time to grow up, I know my players gave everything and in the last 15 mins we are dead and they bring on Toni Kroos and Asensio and Isco and I thought we wouldn’t resist but we did.“That’s the spirit we need because our first two or three weeks in the Premier League are going to be really hard for us because we didn’t prepare for that.”Ander Herrera (C) of Manchester United celebrates with teammates after scoring a goal against Real Madrid during their International Champions Cup match, at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida, on July 31, 2018 © GETTY/AFP / Rob FoldyThe Portuguese has been without 12 key players for most of the tour with many enjoying an extended break following the World Cup.In front of 64,141 at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium, United were finishing off their pre-season preparations against a Real Madrid side just starting theirs.La Liga starts a week later than the Premier League so new Real manager Julen Lopetegui was able to name the likes of Gareth Bale to start while Germany star Toni Kroos was on the bench.Spanish international David de Gea was making his first start since returning from the extra time given to him following the World Cup and he was almost beaten in the eighth minute – Bale starting a move which saw Benzema fire just wide from close range.Brazilian Fred, who was signed earlier this summer for £52 million, was making his first United start and looked comfortable in his new surroundings.And on 18 minutes, United were ahead. Herrera fed Matteo Darmian and teed up Sanchez who clinically swept the ball home.– Taken superbly –It was Man United’s first real opportunity – and it was taken superbly.“Alexis Sanchez is fresh, the way the man is running, I think he is in a fantastic condition,” said Mourinho.The second goal which arrived on 27 minutes was equally impressive.Darmian lifted the ball to Mata and once the Spaniard had regained his composure he crossed for Sanchez who was able to divert the ball into the path of Herrera who made no mistake.Bale curled wide soon after but just before the interval, Benzema tapped in an excellent Theo Hernandez cross to give the vast amounts of Madrid fans in Miami something to cheer.Bale, a one time target for Mourinho, was withdrawn for the second half as Lopetegui shuffled his pack and one of the substitutes, Martin Odegaard should have levelled on 56 minutes when he blazed over the bar from eight yards.The Norwegian saw a free-kick saved by De Gea late on but United held firm to lift Mourinho’s mood.It was their first victory in regulation play this pre-season – AC Milan were defeated on penalties in Los Angeles last week.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Manchester United’s Alexis Sanchez (top) fights for the ball with Real Madrid’s Javier Sanchez during their International Champions Cup friendly match, at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida, on July 31, 2018 © AFP / RHONA WISEMIAMI, United States, Aug 1 – Jose Mourinho was finally given something to smile about as a tempestuous trip to the United States ended with Man United’s 2-1 win over former club Real Madrid thanks to first-half strikes from Alexis Sanchez and Ander Herrera.Mourinho has cut a miserable figure during their two week trip to the United States, lashing out at a lack of transfer activity while reserving stinging criticism for a number of first team players.last_img read more

Court tosses teen’s beating conviction

first_img“There is no substitute for victory. `Giddy’ is the right word,” defense attorney Bob Noel said at a news conference in Monroe. Bell’s conspiracy conviction in the December beating of student Justin Barker had already been thrown out by another court. District Attorney Reed Walters said in a statement delivered to the weekly Jena Times that he would appeal to the state Supreme Court “after I review the decision thoroughly,” He must appeal within two weeks. Bell, whose bond was set at $90,000, cannot be released from the LaSalle Parish jail unless Walters lets that period lapse without an appeal or the Supreme Court rules in Bell’s favor, Sheriff Carl Smith said. Bell, who was 16 at the time of the beating, is one of six black students at Jena High School charged in an attack on fellow student Justin Barker, and one of five originally charged with attempted second-degree murder. By Janet McConnaughey THE ASSOCIATED PRESS NEW ORLEANS – A state appeals court Friday threw out the only remaining conviction against one of the black teenagers accused in the beating of a white schoolmate in the racially tense north Louisiana town of Jena. Mychal Bell, 17, should not have been tried as an adult, the state 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal said in tossing his conviction on aggravated battery, for which he was to have been sentenced Thursday. He could have gotten 15years in prison. Those charges brought widespread criticism that blacks were being treated more harshly than whites after racial confrontations and fights at Jena High School. Civil rights leaders, including the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, had been planning a rally in support of the teens for the day Bell was to have been sentenced. “Although there will not be a court hearing, we still intend to have a major rally for the Jena Six and now hopefully Mychal Bell will join us,” Sharpton said in an e-mailed statement. Said Jackson: “The pressure must continue until all six boys are set free and sent to school, not to jail.” Jena is a mostly white town where racial animosity flared about a year ago when a black student sat under a tree that was a traditional gathering place for whites. A day later, three nooses were found hanging from the tree. Reports of racial fights at the school followed, culminating in the December attack on Barker. The reversal of Bell’s conviction will not affect four other teenagers also charged as adults, because they were 17 at the time of the fight and no longer considered juveniles.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img

Giants pay tribute to Hunter Pence, get destroyed by Dodgers

first_imgClick HERE if you’re having trouble viewing the gallery on your mobile device.SAN FRANCISCO–The voice of public address announcer Renel Brooks-Moon echoed throughout AT&T Park, just as it does before every home game.“Now taking the field, your San Francisco Giants.”It’s the traditional cue for all nine starters to run out from the dugout, but ahead of game 162, only one Giants player emerged. Hunter Pence sprinted to his place in right field and received a standing ovation from an adoring …last_img read more