Liberian Entrepreneur Gets ‘Importation Right’

first_imgA Liberian entrepreneur, Abraham E. Bah, has duly obtained ‘importation right’ of Indonesian products in Liberia.Mr. Bah was certified to also distribute and market 16 Indonesian food and non-food products, which include antibacterial medicated soaps, sports soaps, energy and stamina plus drinks, juices and coffee of high-standard qualities.An importation right is the legal ability to import a product into a certain country. Importation means “bringing goods from one country to another.”The brands of the products are Hemaviton, Floridina, Medibath, Olive, ABC and Kapri.Speaking to reporters at a news conference yesterday, Mr. Bah said he also supervises the importation of the products in four countries, namely; Sierra Leone, Guinea, the Gambia and Senegal.He told journalists that the Indonesian products are of high quality, for example the Medibath antibacterial medicated soap contains TCC, which functions as antiseptic, and citronella oil as primary mosquito repellant.“TCC is a typical component that has been scientifically tested as effective for sanitizing skin, while citronella is particularly useful for fending off mosquitoes, yet they are safe and harmless for human skin,” Mr. Bah said.According to the Liberian entrepreneur, the whole sales of these products are at the Afrindo Business International Incorporated, situated at the Tweh Farm community, adjacent the Gbapolu County car parking.This is the first Liberian to be certified to import Indonesian products into the Liberian economic and also serve as liaise between the manufacturing company and four other African countries.Meanwhile, apart from having the importation right of the Indonesia products, Mr. Bah is also the owner of the multi-shopping and market center, which comprised of 49 stores, a market building, parking lot known as the Gbapolu Parking Center amongst others.The multi-shopping center was constructed and dedicated June 2011.Speaker to our Business Desk, over 20 Liberians yesterday expressed their thanks and appreciation to Mr. Bah for the multi-shop and market center, which has provided jobs for them and other Liberians.According to Mariama Siryon, a chicken seller, she stated that over 200 persons are benefiting from the market, while Jerome Johnson disclosed that 49 family heads benefit from the storage facilities besides the money changers, internet café and drivers, who are also beneficiaries.“We will be forever grateful to Mr. Bah for this venture,” Madam Nancy Nah, one of the petite traders using Bah’s storage facility, said.“My aim is to create more jobs and take people from poverty and also make available conditions that will not just meet our people’s needs but improve their lives,” said Mr. Abraham Bah.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

US$10,000 Haunts Alex Tyler

first_imgFrom all indications House Speaker J. Alex Tyler’s involvement in the US$25,000 controversy under investigation by the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) is causing him (Tyler) bad press, serious embarrassment and most importantly, his position as Speaker of the House of Representatives.Since LACC announced the launch of an investigation into a US$25,000 scandal linking Speaker Tyler and Representative Adolf Lawrence, the Capitol Building has been very uneasy for Speaker Tyler particularly upon hearing news of a plot to remove him.Both lawmakers are under probe for their alleged role in a consultancy contract awarded to a Liberia consultant, Michael Allison, which according to Rep. Lawrence was pre-financed with US$12,500 by Speaker Tyler with the expectation of being reimbursed when the contract was fully completed.Representative Lawrence admitted to the Speaker’s involvement in the transaction noting that his (Lawrence) role was to take delivery of the US$12,500 intended for the Speaker.Based on these claims and counter claims, over 48 members of the House of Representatives are resolved to dismiss their first amongst equals.According to sources at the Capitol Building, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday meetings at Bell Dunbar Farm and RLJ Kendeja Resort, Montserrado County, respectively have all been directed to the Speaker’s removal.“The Speaker of the House cannot be presiding while undergoing investigation by a graft commission. We’re demanding that he recluse himself from the presiding role and submit to either an internal investigation or openly submit to LACC.“The House is as well interested in probing Speaker Tyler for several reasons.“The issue of the US$12,500 is one part of the story and we’re demanding other information such as the full amount released by the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) for the entire Nationwide Oil and Gas Consultation.“US$1.2 million was released by NOCAL to the Legislature for the consultation. US$200,000 was disbursed to the 30 senators while US$1M was intended for the 73 members of the House. Interestingly, Speaker Tyler was able to convince us that the only money received was US$900,000 thereby pocketing the rest.“Regrettably, the entire money used for the consultation was disbursed before the start of the consultation so I don’t understand when Rep. Lawrence says the Speaker acted based on expediency. Money was not in short supply so how could the Speaker dig in his own pocket to fund government’s project,” our sources asserted.Another reason lawmakers are citing for his removal include an act of “double standard,” the ruling Unity partisans accused him (Tyler) of, against the party of which he is executive member.According to some UP Legislative Caucus members, Speaker Tyler has been successful in recruiting several of his colleagues to his new political establishment while at the same time collecting compulsory US$200 from their salary monthly as dues to his party while holding allegiance to the ruling party.By his actions, a stalwart of UP in the House disclosed; “Many UP lawmakers are supporting the removal action and consider his action as a betrayal to the party.”However, our sources disclosed that Speaker Tyler has admitted to these allegations and has requested for forgiveness.During Sunday’s meeting at RLJ, our sources explained: “Speaker Tyler admitted to pocketing the US$100,000 from NOCAL and agreed that he used his position to collect money from colleagues as dues for his new political establishment.”“He attempted using existing rivalry between him and Representative Emmanuel Nequay to evade the issue but we told him that was not the forum for that.“We demand a probe into the report that he (Tyler) gave US$15,000 to Amb. George Weah to ensure that one of the ringleaders behind his removal, Rep. Acarous Gray is sent out of Liberia until the political tension can reduce,” our source declared.When contacted, Speaker Tyler, via mobile phone, refuted the report, stating: “There are no plans to remove me.”He confirmed the meetings involving fellow lawmakers, but denied the assertion that his removal was ever discussed.“The meetings were held to discuss our private matters. I don’t know about any money from NOCAL because I was not directly involved.  You know who was in charge of the nationwide consultation,” Speaker Tyler declared.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Fleiss knows her Stud Farm clients won’t be women

first_imgInfamous Hollywood madam and famously abused girlfriend Heidi Fleiss has left town. Apparently Los Angeles just isn’t debauched enough for the Hi-Fli, and she’s headed to Nevada, where she plans, at some point, to open a business called Heidi’s Stud Farm. The studs on this farm will not be of the equine version but hunky men in tight-fitting pants employed to service the various needs of women clients. You know, gigolos. I say good luck to Heidi. She’s going to need it. A lot. Heidi told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that men are clamoring to work at the stud farm. Sure, what dude wouldn’t want to get a check for engaging in his favorite hobby? AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREBlues bury Kings early with four first-period goals Just one problem: Most women just aren’t that interested in anonymous flings, especially not if they have to pay for them. If we were, prostitution and pornography wouldn’t be such huge businesses. The Hollywood Madam, of all people, should know this. She spent years making money by providing men – including famous and rich men who should have no problems picking up women – with prostitutes. Once she was busted and her story made her a celebrity, she continued to make money through the sale of books and products that exploited the libidinous imbalance between men and women. The popularity of television programs such as “Desperate Housewives” and the reality show “Girls Gone Wild” – combined with the skanky antics of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears – might indicate a sexual liberation of women. The message is that women of all ages these days are just as sex-obsessed as their male counterparts. But, like most things on television, this is little more than fantasy. I base this on my long experience as a woman and many years of listening to and observing my female friends and family members. Oh, sure, women might say they would love nothing more than a toss in the hay without any complications. They might watch “Sex and the City” and feel inadequate because they aren’t picking up men in cool bars every other night for guilt-free and perfectly safe trysts. But when it comes down to it, no woman I have ever known could stop her feelings from getting in the way. If Fleiss wants to make a place where women could buy what they can’t get from the men in their lives, she should consider recasting her business plan as a “cuddle spa,” but with a better name. The menu would include services including, but not limited to, a night of spooning (while fully clothed, of course), hourly back rubs, candlelit bubble baths and deep talks about where this is going. Even that would be a gamble because who wants to cuddle with a stranger? Fleiss might find that most her stud farm clients are the same folks who keep Playgirl magazine in business – and they ain’t women. Simply put, in many simple and irrevocable ways, women are not like men. It’s important that women be treated equally in pay for the same work and be given promotion and advancement commensurate with their skills and talents. But there are some things in which we don’t want parity. Heidi’s stud farm is one of them. I suspect Fleiss knows this but also knows the concept would make a great “reality”-TV show pitch. I know I’d watch it. Mariel Garza [email protected] 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more